Business Advisory      


Business Advisory
CPG’s Business Advisory Services are designed to provide you with solutions to address your strategic business challenges.  We have helped several companies solve strategic business issues:

Strategic Planning

  • Develop Strategic Plans
  • Facilitate the Planning Process
  • Evaluate and Critique Plans
  • Identify Required Resources to Execute the Strategy
  • Ensure Strategic and Tactical Plan Linkage

Alliances and Acquisitions

  • Perform Market Research
  • Develop Strategic Need Analysis
  • Develop Target Market, Skill Sets, and Candidate Criteria
  • Identify and Screen Candidates 
  • Assess Strategic and Financial Fit
  • Initiate Contact and Meetings
  • Plan and Perform Due Diligence, Negotiation and Closing 
  • Create and Manage Implementation 


  • Design and Develop Curricula
  • Create and Deliver Sales and Marketing Training
  • Establish Leadership Development Programs
  • Implement Corporate Universities

Change Management

  • Establish Vision and Transition Plan
  • Create and Foster Sponsorship
  • Develop Communication Plans
  • Implement Project Management


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