CPG specializes in training design, development and delivery for sales, marketing and leadership. These services are extremely successful when built upon our client’s foundation.

Training Design, Development and Delivery

CPG helps you build organizational capacity through the custom development of knowledge and skills required in both functional and leadership areas of the organization. 

CPG can independently, or in conjunction with our client’s learning organization, design and develop customized training programs, including:

  • Designing and Developing Blended Learning Curricula
  • Facilitation and Mentoring
  • Corporate Universities


CPG also develops a “Levels of Excellence” program which provides clarity around specific training, performance, and certification requirements.

The result is a defined development path for members of your organization or your customers.

Sales Training 
CPG’s Sales training addresses skill areas from Basic Selling Skills to Advanced Selling Skills focusing on selling value throughout the steps of the sales process. CPG helps you develop and deliver customized sales training and coaching programs, including:

  • Defining Needs and Expectations
  • Establishing Training/Team Goals and Metrics
  • Identifying sales competencies
  • The importance of selling value
  • How to create and quantify value
  • Customized design and implementation of training/coaching program
  • Monitoring, measuring and improving results

Following is a sample of skill areas that can be enhanced in our sales programs:

Basic Selling Skills

  • Prospecting and Lead Generation
  • Building and Maintaining Rapport
  • Winning the Sale with Value
  • Qualifying / Probing
  • Product / Solution Presentation
  • Proposal Creation and Presentation
  • Handling Objections
  • Recognizing Buying Signals and Closing
  • Effective Follow Up
  • Winning Against the Competition

Advanced Selling Skills

  • Account Development Strategies
  • Advanced Winning the Sale with Value
  • Advanced Objection Handling
  • Advanced Probing Skills
  • High Impact Closing
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Negotiating to a “Win – Win”
  • Networking Skills
  • Referral Selling

Sales Coaching
With most sales people only realizing 10% of their potential, sales coaches can greatly increase their sales teams’ potential by providing leadership and mentoring. CPG’s aim is to help you accelerate results through a more efficient salesforce and an increased sales pipeline with higher margin deals.  Our sales coaching programs focus on: 

  • Value-based Selling
  • Sales Team Performance and Development
  • Negotiating
  • Team Building
  • Communication

Sales Management Training
A sales management process is only effective once it is implemented.  CPG develops custom sales management training focused on people, process and skills to create effective sales coaches and leaders.

  • CPG’s programs are designed to achieve the following results:
  • A Well Articulated and Understood Sales Vision
  • Effective Management of Strategic Issues
  • Effective Team Building
  • Hiring and Retaining Top Performers 
  • Effective Territory Management
  • Implementing a Sales Coaching Process
  • Stronger Relationships with Team and Customers

Sales Management Coaching
Coaching is essentially a conversation and is more about asking the right questions than providing answers. CPG consults with our client’s to establish a coaching process and manages the training, implementation and measurement of progress. 

  • We help your Sales Management effectively understand and utilize:
  • Coaching vs. Managing
  • Customer Satisfaction and Retention
  • Transitioning from Salesperson to Manager
  • Setting Goals and Forecasting
  • Territory Management
  • Sales Force Recruiting
  • Team Building

Leadership Development
Today’s leaders need to face reality and then act decisively and quickly, if not, the competition will.  CPG develops current leaders and improves bench strength for future leadership.

  • Custom interactive training will produce the end result; a leadership team which is accountable to successfully lead the organization to exceed objectives.
  • CPG helps develop the following skills and knowledge:
  • Team Building
  • Accountability
  • Self-Awareness
  • Change Management
  • Performance Management
  • Communication


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